Wohin in Vorarlberg

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Cruisers Easter Special

Diese Veranstaltung ist schon vorbei


  • Fr 21. Apr ’17, 19:00 – 01:00


Kulturcafé Schlachthaus, Schlachthausstraße 11, Dornbirn Landkarte anzeigen


Ab 16

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  • Eintritt: €10,00

2 großartige Live Bands:
Heavy mix of beer, whiskey and rum. Seasoned by rock`n`roll poetry and gasoline.

EightBomb was originally formed for a ‘one off’ gig, when the rockabilly band Cry Baby had to cancel a concert. Unwilling to give up the gig, Cry Baby singer; Jure asked Lucky Cupids' bassist Aleš and Secondhand Heroes' guitarist Loz to jam around a little with the Cry Baby repertoire. The three guys had so much fun, that they decided to continue playing, but in a more neo/harder style. A drummer was found and after a couple of gigs they recorded a 5 song EP CD: Perfect Picture featuring all original songs.
Internal problems and line-up changes haunted the band for a couple of years. EightBomb started with the current line-up in mid-2007, when Jure (CryBaby), Lou (Hi-Dramatic), Urban (CryBaby) and Mattevz (The Bananas) combined forces and rejuvenated the EightBomb name. With a mix of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and a bit of psychobilly and played with their energy, enthusiasm and dedication, EightBomb soon became the only visible neo-rockabilly band in Slovenia.
In 2009 they recorded their first studio album »Hemispheric«. The second studio album »Customized« was released in 2012, with hit »Insane«, which was published on Psychomania compilation in summer 2013. Their third album Daytona Dynamite followed in the autumn 2013.
The band has performed many gigs in different clubs and festivals in Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Netherland, Belgium and Finland. EightBomb is proud to have played with many great bands such as Mad Sin, Batmobille, Restless, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, The Go Getters, Dale Watson, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Silver Shine and more over the past few years.
In june 2015 EightBomb has lost it`s founder and guitarist Loz, who unexpectedly died from heart attack … but original not traditional rock`n`roll lives on ...

Churchieboys - Psychobilly Band from Switzerland

Mätu - Gesang, Gitarre
Marco - GITARRE!!
Ändu - Double Bass
Jens - Schlagzeug


Vorarlberg – VOL.AT 

Vorarlberg – VOL.AT

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